SouthBank Campus Apartments Facilities

SouthBank Campus Apartments is a modern student accommodation facility offering a secure environment for students, in the heart of Brisbane’s educational precinct

75 Apartments with 5 -7 different floor plans.

The community facilities at SouthBank Campus Apartments include:

Other benefits of choosing SouthBank Campus Apartments for your student accommodation:

Internet usage at SouthBank Campus Apartments

Our PABX system does not support modems on phone lines. This means that whilst living at SouthBank Campus Apartments you will need to connect to our internet supplier.   There is NO connection fee as this is included in the student services charge and 1st 1GB is free.

Click here Internet Prices.

Megabytes and Downloads

What is a megabyte (MB)?

We suggest you do some research regarding megabytes (MB) to enable you to estimate your required usage. The following websites offer a good guide to internet (megabyte) usage. Wikipedia  "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megabyte"

What is a download?

A download is data that you transfer from a website or server to your computer. This would include emails, text, images, DVD footage or music. Downloads use up your megabytes and contribute to your internet usage. Again, we suggest you research the types of data you are most likely to download and work out the megabyte usage most appropriate to your needs. Wikipedia  "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megabyte"

Private telephone

Each bedroom has a private phone. Your phone is coded and your calls metered, we charge student friendly call rates and there are free internal phone calls. This service is provided to you through our PABX system so as you have access to the triple 000 emergency number – should it be required - and of course your friends staying at SouthBank Campus Apartments. 

SouthBank Campus Apartments Kitchen

SouthBank Campus Apartments kitchens include all the necessary equipment to make most meals. 

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